Thursday, December 30, 2010

Studio Visit with Hung Viet Nguyen December 29, 2010

Fine Art Trekkin Through Torrance, California, Luke and Ginger Van Hook visit the studio
of the fine art painter Hung Viet Nguyen.

Hung Viet Nguyen welcomed many friends
and fellow artists as he opened his studio in Torrance.
Pictured here with Luke and Ginger Van Hook. 12.29.2010

Luke Van Hook gives Hung Viet Nguyen feedback about his paintings
as both artists have the oil painting medium in common.

Hung Viet Nguyen lives and works in The City of Torrance, California.

Portraiture was Hung Viet Nguyen's starting point for his artwork.
As part of his process, Nguyen builds up his canvas and in some cases
his panels, to the point that the paint is thick and crackly. This augments the texture
of his work and creates interesting images with depth and mystery. 
Photos by Ginger Van Hook © 2010

As Nguyen progressed in his quest to create works of art, he shifted his focus
to landscapes. His landscapes are intricate, painterly, vibrant in color, and demonstrate
not only the skill in his brush strokes, but also reveals a world of abstraction and curiosity.

Early work in portraiture led Nguyen to apply what he learned from this process
onto the work he now does in landscapes. 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Ginger and Luke Van Hook visit the artist Hung Viet Nguyen
 in his studio in Torrance.
Photo by Hung Viet Nguyen ©2010

A miniature landscape of trees captured my attention in this romantic
winter path. Photo by Ginger Van Hook ©2010

In the actual studio space inside the back of his property, 
Hung Viet Nguyen shared a discussion with Luke Van Hook 
about canvas vs. panel paintings and the strength and weakness of
masonite vs. doorskin as it applies to wood panels. 
The female Corgy mix named Kieran looks on 
and gets some attention as well. 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©