Thursday, September 1, 2011

FLAG STOP Opens in Torrance Labor Day Weekend! An Alternative Contemporary Art Event!

See below for additional artwork photos of numerous artists!

THE GREENHOUSE SHOW  Curated by Ginger Van Hook 
opens at FLAGSTOP September 3, & 4, 2011 featuring artists

Steve Fujimoto, Michael Giancristiano, Trent Reynolds
Hung Viet Nguyen, Luke Van Hook and Mark X Farina

and is one of over 50 shows opening during the 
Extravaganza of alternative contemporary art spaces

The Greenhouse Show is Curated by            Ginger Van Hook   
Category:    Emerging Artists

Artists:                     Steve Fujimoto
                                 Michael Giancristiano
                                 Hung Viet Nguyen
                                 Trent Reynolds
                                 Luke Van Hook
                                 Mark X Farina

            The Greenhouse Show reflects upon the cultivation of fine art in California. Sunshine, plein-air and a diverse landscape provide a unique recipe for the development of inspired artworks. Within the tradition of mark making through painting and layering of processes that demonstrate an emergence of talent within the circumference of Los Angeles, these artists maintain the metaphor of a Greenhouse Exhibition in a POD where the talent is incubated. The Greenhouse Show incorporates a variety of artists that are in conversation with the abstraction of landscape and figure. These artists blend the concepts of painting while keeping the tradition alive and consider the concepts of a green revolution. Utilizing a layering of media and technique exploring both form and process they thus achieve successful images on wood or canvas with a variety of unique processes that evolve into representations of our art culture.  The Greenhouse Show also reveals explorations of recycled materials to create painting in a new medium and a new dimension just as exhibiting artworks in Portable On-Demand Structures reveals a fresh contemporary fast-paced culture of On-Demand Art that may travel deep into the city to reach it’s audience. I selected the artists for this show based on their investigations of experimental mediums and their integration of contemporary processes into their painting and art practice.


ADDITIONAL ARTISTS AT FLAGSTOP include artists from Los Angeles Art Association
and Gallery 825. Valerie Wilcox, Tm Gratkowski, Luke Van Hook, Ginger Van Hook, Ann Marie Rousseau, Yaya Chou, Michael Giancristiano, Hung Viet Nguyen, Johnny Naked, Marlene Yamada, Barbara Nathanson, Raksha Parek, Steve Fujimoto, Trent Reynolds and many many more! Join us for the exciting events over Labor Day Weekend in Torrance, California Sept 3, 4th!, 2011